Managing a successful To Do list

Here is how to keep on top of your To Do list and how to make it accessible from anywhere by managing your To Do list in your online email client as a draft email.

Master your To Do list
Create 3 headings for your To Do list:
  1. Important/To do Today:
    Tasks that need to be done now, or very soon. These are your top priority items.
    For Example: Buy present for Sarah's birthday on Tuesday.

  2. General:
    Tasks that need to get done, but which can wait until later in the week, or that done have a deadline or a sense of urgency to them.
    For Example: Take car in for annual service

  3. Other:
    Tasks that you might never get around to doing, but which you want to have written down so that you don't forget.
    For Example: Read the book "The Alchemist"
Every morning when you review your To Do list you can promote items into the 'Important/To Do Today' group, and this will make up your list of things to do for the day. If required you can put the important list of a piece of paper, if you like to carry your list around with you.

Make your To Do list accessible
A large majority of people use online email accounts, for example gMail, Yahoo or Hotmail.
Use your online email facilities to manage a centralized To Do list, or to record any important information by saving the details in a draft email.

We all check our email on a regular basis from work or home, or on the go from your Blackberry or iPhone. So it is easy to keep on top of your to do list and to keep it up to date.

Make a centralized To Do list
  1. In your favorite online email client simply start a draft email with an appropriate title such as "My To Do list".
  2. In the draft email you can write your to do list or any other important information.
  3. save the draft.
  4. You can now access your list from anywhere that you have access to the Internet.


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